Why Participate in a Clinical Trial?

By participating in a clinical trial, you or your loved one are taking an active role in the development and approval of new medicines and treatments. Participation in a clinical trial can provide an opportunity to receive the newest treatment for a particular medical condition. Through clinical trials, the medical community gains insights that help to facilitate the development of new and potentially life-saving therapies.

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What Are the Benefits of Clinical Trials?

Drive the Advancement of Medicine

Clinical trials are a vital component to the advancement of medicine, across a wide range of conditions and disease states. Clinical trials provide researchers with critical data needed to learn more about a treatment and potentially allow the treatment to be approved for use.

Discover New Treatments

Through participation in clinical trials, you are contributing to the discovery and development of potentially life-saving therapies, not only for yourself but for future generations as well. Clinical trials have the potential to change the way researchers and healthcare providers treat and study a disease or condition.

Education and Access to Care

Clinical trials provide you access to information about a disease or condition. Through clinical trials, you as a participant have the opportunity to access the newest treatments and be part of the process of finding the most effective treatment approach.

More Than Just Medicine

In addition to learning how a treatment works in the body, clinical studies can also be used to study the treatment’s effect on quality of life in participants. Outcomes such as this have the potential to help change the outlook on living with a disease or condition.

Hear From Participants

“We chose to have our son participate in a trial, because we want to give him the opportunity to live the life he deserves, not the one he was given.”

  • Diana
  • (child participated in clinical trials)

“Any minor burden or inconvenience in a trial is worthwhile. My child now has access to a therapy and hopefully soon the rest of the community will as well.”

  • Teresa
  • (child participated in clinical trials)

“We know the current prognosis of Duchenne. We know any trial is not the end all be all. If we can extend his life AND his quality of life by participating in clinical research – LET’S DO IT!”

  • Christine
  • (child participated in clinical trials)

“I wouldn’t be where I am without clinical trials. I am a college graduate and very active in my community. This is the face of clinical research working.”

  • Jonathan
  • (clinical trial participant)

Hear From Participants

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